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UTOCO Auberge & Spa

One Fine Day

Submerge yourself in the charms of the Kuroshio the black current; an ideal location for rest and relaxation.

Utoco is an Auberge & Spa located in Muroto, Kochi prefecture; it is a unique place that almost melts itself into the surrounding scenery, especially designed for adults who seek a sense of the extraordinary. Enjoy many fresh ingredients nurtured over the years within the natural features of the warm, tropical lands of Kochi prefecture, and a deep sea therapy offering 100% deep sea water, a true gift from the Earth. Soak all your five senses within the region’s natural energies, and enjoy a truly unique and ideal day of rest and relaxation.

Pamper & Indulge : Deep Sea Therapy, a Natural Remedy Born in Muroto
Deep sea therapy is a natural remedy that uses the best quality deep sea water found in the sea of Muroto. We use the natural blessings of the sea, as the source of all life, to restore the balances in your body. Enjoy a moment of the finest quality, while you soak your whole body in the mysterious waters that bubble up from the bottom of the sea.

Auberge: “Italian Kuroshio” Brings You the Perfect Dish

The Muroto region is blessed with the wonders of the Kuroshio black current. This current is a treasure chest offering wonderful ingredients full of flavors from the sea and the mountains. Food is prepared using Italian cuisine in order to bring out the best in these amazing ingredients. We will prepare for you the perfect dish that will show the freshness of these ingredients, and provide you with supreme bliss.

Sample Menu from Italian Restaurant

・Antipasto Mist of bonito
・Tagliatelle of horse mackerel and rocket salad with a hint of safran
・Beef Fillet roll drizzled with Marsala and Kepper Salsa Sauce

Luxury & Comfort: Guest Rooms with Ocean Views

All 17 guest rooms have been designed to the utmost detail and feature an ocean view. Lie down on the bed and enjoy the magnificent view of the ocean that lies beyond the room’s large windows. You can also enjoy the rising sun at is soars over the Pacific Ocean.

“Typhoon Terrace” - a Stunning Seashore Seating Area to Liberate the Senses

An open air lounge that prides itself on being able to provide an overwhelming sense of exhilaration. The strong winds that blow in from the sea are full of natural energy. Listen to the sound of the waves of the Pacific Ocean, shining in bright blue colors, and the chirping of the birds in the mountains, to enjoy an invigorating moment that will enrich your soul.

The Land of Kukai and the Muroto Geopark

Muroto is a natural treasure chest that encompasses the many, many years of its history. You are sure to experience a sense of spiritual release by wandering around the historical geographical features such as the Mikurodo Cave, a place that brought enlightenment to Kukai, a Buddhist monk who created major trends in Japanese Buddhism, or the Ransho Promenade, a superb location that has been chosen as a Global Geopark.

Hoshino Resorts Utoco Auberge & Spa
6969-1 Murotomisaki-cho, Muroto City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan 〒781-7101

Approximately 1h 15mins from Haneda Airport → Kochi Ryoma Airport → Free Shuttle Bus → Utoco
* One free shuttle bus per day at specific times (booking required 3 days before)
Ryoma Airport: 13:00 Nahari Station: 14:15
Arrives at Utoco: 15:00